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  • 06/29/2020

    Various Slovenian cultural NGOs, institutions, festivals and artists are joining forces in a campaign called We are #Open for Culture, a joint platform aimed at raising awareness about the importance of culture. A series of events and action projects will highlight the role of creative endeavours in tackling current and future issues.

    At a press conference on the start of the campaign, Matevj Celik Widmar, head of the Museum of Architecture and Design, presented a study by the Center for Creativity, which emphasizes the role of culture in the development of society, as well as a sustainable economy and addresses pressing current issues.

    "Culture and creative professions are those that can bring new ideas to society and become a laboratory for innovative concepts in order to find a way out of the crisis that we are facing now," he said.

    The director of the Ljubljana Theater, Tibor Michelich Seed, said that the joint project in the long term will be aimed at raising awareness about the role of the cultural, artistic and creative ecosystem.

    In addition to emphasizing that cultural centers reopen after the pandemic, the campaign will also pursue long-term goals, such as creating a positive brand that reminds the public that culture is not equal to the useless spending of public funds, but a set of positive values, said Tomaz Simetinger from the Union of Slovenian Cultural associations.